About us


Products of RASEL in 2009 with the backing of many years of experience in the field of home appliances and kitchenware were incorporated into the Iranian market.

From the outset in drawing its main goals, including a very high quality and innovation of products, Could soon the brand to become the best brand in Area of expertise.

As well as many of products are accredited by companies with more than 30 years of experience in home appliances and kitchenware has been produced.

RASEL is determined, by choosing the best, and continue to move forward, provide products with the highest level of quality and variety in design as well as competitive prices in this field, highlighting its position in this way according to market needs and customer demand, its focus was on products that can have a significant influence on consumer satisfaction.

Hence RASEL focus all their efforts it has rather sell their products to the market, which in addition to having a distinctive quality and modern design, privileged rated energy efficiency as well. So that in addition to the family economy, with saving energy is able to adhere to its commitment to environmental issues.

Therefore, we hope the forefront of the ultra vires comments, own privileged position to secure the satisfaction of customers.